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A huge thank you goes out to Sari and Dot for all their help today on phase two of the Town Hall project.
Dot brought vinca, violet, seeds, plant food. She also took pictures of this phase to post as soon as she can.Sari brought an amazing spade shovel to make things a lot easier. The soil there is pretty spent and hard.
This whole project has been done at a cost to Seaside Garden Club of $100.00 for 3 Azaleas and compost. I have submitted a receipt to the committee from Wolf Hill for reimbursement. We will submit one for the mulch (to town hall) once the delivery is made. Remember the mulch is a donation so no cost to the club. We will try to get the mulch delivered this week to finish up. We moved some existing plants and planted the Azaleas and the ground cover.
This project has been a lot of fun for me and I would love to continue to work it.
I will check on the weeds and make sure things are watered at least once a week. I really like how this project is looking.
Thank you again ladies for all your help!
Elaine Persons
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