Bob Downey introduced the club and guests to the wonderful world of bonsai.  He presented the history and art of bonsai as well as demonstrated bonsai creation and styling. Bob Downey was the president and now co-president of the Northeast Bonsai Association for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this art.
Bonsai is the art of dwarfing trees or plants and developing them into an aesthetically appealing shape by growing, pruning and training them in containers according to prescribed techniques. In Japanese, bonsai can be literally translated as ‘tray planting’ but since originating in Asia, so many centuries ago – it has developed into a whole new form. Overall, bonsai is a great interest, hobby or even profession to undertake. It has to be said that a successful bonsai is most definitely a horticultural masterpiece.

Bob Downey

Bob Downey



Fall Into the Holidays

October 8 – Fall Into the Holidays: A Home Décor Demonstration and Raffle by Bert Ford of Ford’s Flowers
A high energy program with the focus on home decor. Bert will demonstrate tablescapes, wall and door decor and ideas for decorating your home for this festive time of the year (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas)IMG_3462IMG_3460IMG_3464

The Seaside Garden Club kicked off their 2013 programs with Enhancing your Property Value through Landscape Design with Doug Cook on February 12th at the Manchester Community Center.

Doug Cook 1 IMG_2158
Every year homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars updating kitchens and bathrooms in hopes of increasing the resale value of their homes.  Doug Cook, of Landesign of Gloucester, believes that investing in the landscape design of your property will increase the return on your investment even more.   Doug’s presentation will show the different techniques he has used to help his clients realize the full potential of their property by creating functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces and landscapes.  From large scale to small, Doug will show examples through slides and group discussion.

In business for over 17 years, Landesign is both a residential and commercial design practice built on of experience on Boston’s premier North Shore properties. It has established quality and excellence in landscape design, site planning and project management and it continually strives to raise the standard in the built landscape.  Landesign’s goal is to enhance the quality of life at home through comprehensive, professional, design practice. With every project, they aspire to create a unique sense of place that interacts with the character of its surroundings. While providing amenities for leisure and recreation, they conceive of spaces that are both functional and visually satisfying. Doug is very active in the community, using his expertise to beautify landscapes for various public projects.  Visit Landesign’s website: http://www.landesign.biz/index.html

November 13th, 2012: Hydrangeas for Southern New England with Mal Condon

Hydrangeas continue to be a very popular woody ornamental genus. Widely grown along our New England Coastline, they create something special in so many gardens. This discussion will include climate and plat siting, review of the major species, best pruning practices and cultural issues such as fertilizing and bloom color control as well as winter protection techniques. This presentation will be a digital presentation with detailed graphics relevant to all topics. A Q&A session will follow.

A lifelong gardener, Mal has always loved the genus hydrangea and began collecting plants from his extensive travels during his engineering career. His retirement in 1999 allowed him to pursue hydrangea nurturing with total commitment. Ever the engineer, he brings a strong technical and investigative nature to the continuing development of the genus – searching for new and better plants, evaluating their landscape performance, and finding superior ways to produce them. Hydrangea Farm on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts has become a much visited location for serious hydrangeaphiles. Visit the Hydrangea Farm’s website: hydrangeafarm.com

Note: Program Location and Time are different. This is a shared program with the North Shore Horticultural Society and will be held at the American Legion Post #113 (located at 13 Church Street, behind Manchester Town Hall ) on Tuesday, November 13th at 7:30 pm.

Fall in the garden means enjoying the last blossoms of the season, planting bulbs, cleaning and storing tools, getting the garden ready for winter, and of course, planning for next year’s garden. Peggy will discuss ideas and strategies for making the most of this special time in the garden.

Peggy J. Flanagan is a gardener and landscape designer on the North Shore. She teaches in the landscape design program at North Shore Community College and has a certificate in Landscape Design from Endicott College. Peggy is especially interested in heirloom gardens and garden history.

MRS. THRIFT CAPTURES THE HERBAL HARVEST.  Gardens and farm stands are brimming with fresh herbs. Now is the time to stock your pantry and freezer for winter cooking and holiday gift giving. Imagine lining your cupboard shelves with jewel toned bottles of herb vinegars, golden brown herb mustards and sparkling jars of herbal jellies. Picture containers of herbed butters, bags of rosemary walnuts and bottles of herb pesto’s filling a corner of your freezer. Not enough time? To much work? Not true. Mrs. Thrift never does anything that takes to much time! Bring your taste buds. We will end with a little taste of everything! Recipe sheets included.

Betsy Williams has been growing, selling, decorating and teaching about living with herbs and flowers since 1972. Trained as a florist in Boston and England, she combines her floral and gardening skills with an extensive knowledge of history, plant lore and seasonal celebrations. An entertaining lecturer, she weaves stories and legends throughout her informative talks. She has appeared on the Discovery Channel as well as greater Boston cable stations. Her gardens, floral work and retail shop have been featured in many books, national magazines and newspapers, including Victoria, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living Gardner, Colonial Homes, the Herb Companion, New York Times, Traditional Homes and American Gardener. Betsy is the author of several books on the uses and stories of herbs and flowers: Potpourri and Fragrant Crafts published by Readers Digest and The Little Book Series published by The Proper Season Press.  Betsy has lectured and taught at Colonial Williamsburg, the Ozark Folk Center and the New England, Rhode Island and Cincinnati Flower Shows. In 1987, she created the first Fairy Festival, now replicated through out the country.  She was a founding member of the International Herb Association and served on its governing board for six years. In 1995 she was given the International Herb Association award for “her outstanding contributions to the herb industry”. Her professional affiliations have included the British Folklore Society, the Beatrix Potter Society and the International Herb Association. She is a member of the Herb Society of America and Garden Writers of America. She serves as Herb Chair for the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts. Her column, Living With Herbs appears in their magazine, Mayflower. Visit her website: http://www.betsywilliams.com/


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